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Jewelry Inspired by Nature: Latest Trends and Innovations

If you're a lover of jewelry, natural motifs and designs, then you are in for a treat with the newest trends in jewelry design. The jewelry industry is seeing a rise in the popularity of designs inspired by nature such as delicate leaves, flowers, or even branches and twigs.

These are incorporated into a wide variety of pieces such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.

Designers across the globe are using various techniques to create unique pieces that reflect nature in the most innovative ways. According to experts, the current color pick for the season are earthy green, gold, and burgundy.

One of the most popular and innovative techniques being used by designers is the casting of elements such as flowers, leaves and feathers in metal to create beautiful pieces, either as standalone or as part of a larger piece.

Another is the use of natural wood and waxes to create rings and necklaces.

The demand for unique pieces of jewelry has given birth to niche designers that often use eco-friendly materials while creating designs depicting the environment.

For instance, designers are experts in the discovery and showcasing of visual patterns and structure in nature to produce unique pieces that blend art and science.

Popular pieces that have gained popularity include intricate leaf earrings, flower-shaped rings, twig bracelets and many more.

Most of the pieces are very affordable, costing no more than $200, although a few high-end designers sell unique pieces for thousands of dollars.


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