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Legendary Jeweler and Inventor of Cultured Pearls.

The Pearl King

As a Japanese, I am very proud to introduce you this Pearl Legend Kokichi Mikimoto.

He was born in Mie, Japan on January 25, 1858.

He was a pearl farmer, inventor of the cultured pearl and businessman who developed the commercial production of cultured pearls.

His experiments began in pearl culturing in 1888.

Years later, they succeeded in producing the first cultured half-pearl. Mikimoto realized that many of his customers were foreigners and set about developing a global market for cultured pearls.

The name of Mikimoto became synonymous with elegance and high quality, and was one of the first Japanese brands to attain an international presence and recognition.

A virtual marketing genius in the world of cultured pearls, Mikimoto opened his first boutique in Ginza in 1899. Word of the quality of the product sold there quickly made its way to Europe and by 1913, he had established stores in major cities across the globe.

"My dream is to adorn the necks of all women around the world with pearls."—Kokichi Mikimoto

He did not just show pearls as they were, but always made elaborate presentations to ensure they were extremely eye-catching.

Only the Akoya cultured pearls with the highest quality and luster can be named “Mikimoto Pearl.”

Kokichi Mikimoto built what today remains as one of the most revered reputations and brands in the history of jewelry.

His vision lives today, as the brand he built strives to honor his memory and preserve the tradition of producing among the most luxurious, recognizable, elegant and desirable gems in the world.


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