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Shine like a diamond.

It's been a while since last time I was here and I have so much to share with you but first, I would like to introduce myself in case you're wondering "who is this person?"

Hi, my name is Shino. I'm Japanese, wife, mom and a Jewelry Designer in NYC.

Made by Petit Jewelry is the brand that empower people especially women and moms to connect their true self through our pieces and feel bright and energetic to have a fulfilling life.

As a mom, it's easy to feel stuck or lose confident since we don't really get compliments and there is nothing to measure that tells you "You are enough".

Since I had my son, I stopped wearing jewelry or even dress up. My daily outfit was Pajama (if I don't go out) or Yoga cloth even though I don't plan to do yoga.

My title was "Stay at home mom" for years and of course I lost my confident since I lost my identity as a designer.

After those depressing years, I realized that we all deserve to have a shiny & sparkle moment every day somehow.

But there was nothing that sparkles my feeling or makes me emotionally happy.

I believe that everyone has their own uniqueness and deserve to have

  • Better feeling of ourselves

  • More confident

  • Be motivated

So, here I am. Creating something shiny and uplifting pieces that make you standout and be uniquely you.

The pieces are focused on craftsmanship and high quality fine jewelry that you want to pass down generations. I still have a pearl necklace that my mom gave me and that piece was pass down to my mom from my grand mother. It reminds me of them every time I wear and became a legacy that I will pass down with our memories.

Our goal is to bring a special jewelry for a special person to make one's life a little brighter and happier.

I really hope that our jewelry reminds you that you are enough and deserve to shine like a diamond.

So let's shine like a diamond together!

Here is a surprise to get 10% off for your next purchase.

Promo code: SHINE

Please use this promo code before January ends!

Please send us a message if you have any question or just talk.


Click the link below to start!


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