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Wedding Ring Gide: Metal

Wedding is the most happiest and loveliest moment.

You might not forget this special moment forever and the rings might add an extra connection of bond. But there is always a pressure for couples to pick a perfect rings.

Here is some tips for picking wedding rings to help you from getting over whelmed and stressed out.


From gold to palladium, platinum to titanium, silver to tungsten,

There is a metal for everyone and their budget.

The most popular metal is GOLD.

24K gold means pure gold but there is a negative side. It's very soft and easily get bend or scratched. I recommend to go under 24K. They are mixed with other metals such as copper, silver and platinum. The most common and durable gold purity level is 10K but it also has the lowest gold content. Depends of the purity level, they have slightly different color. Personally, when I compare 14K Yellow to 18K Yellow, 18K Yellow has very strong and bright yellow color. 14K Yellow has a little bit of muddy dark color. It's very similar to Rose Gold. (this is my personal opinion)

People often ask me "What is different between Platinum and White Gold?"

Again, this is my opinion but Platinum has a strong and bright silver color compare to white gold.

Platinum is one of the rarest metal in the world. It's not the only a luxe choice but it's also the strongest precious metal. It doesn't really get damaged in everyday life and the metal retains it's color which means it doesn't need to replate it's color.

My suggestion would be,

  1. Pick a color. Either Yellow, White or Rose Pink( gold )

  2. From there, pick either brighter or darker.

  3. Your lifestyle. Either you use your hands a lot in your daily life then you might want to consider picking a stronger metal or under 24K.

I hope these information help you with choosing a ring metal and have less stress from planning your wedding.

If you have any question, please reach out to me.

I'm happy to help!

By the way, these beautiful photos are captured by a Wedding Photographer and Videographer Firas Jannan

Picking a photographer and Videographer might be on your to do list and if you are having a hard time to pick a great one, here is the proof.

Please visit his website or simply go to my Wedding & Engagement Ring page to see his amazing his work.


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