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This pair of drop earrings feature the mesmerizing hue of genuine tanzanite stones, cradled elegantly in a setting of 14 karat yellow gold.

The graceful drop design creates an air of sophistication, whilst the simplicity of the design allows the true beauty of the tanzanite to take center stage.

These earrings dangle from delicate gold chains, providing movement and adding an extra touch of allure.

A sure standout in any jewelry collection, these tanzanite drop earrings bring a touch of class and sophistication to any attire.

Their remarkable coloration makes them a captivating addition to any jewelry ensemble, whether worn for special occasions or every day. 

Embrace the charm and beauty of these understated, yet opulent tanzanite drop earrings.

Tanzanite Drop Earring

Metal: 14k Yellow Gold
  • 2 weeks.

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