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Embrace tranquility and elegance with our Serene Tube Necklace adorned with an exquisite Akoya Pearl.

Each necklace has been meticulously designed to incorporate the effortless grace of the Japanese Akoya pearl, known globally for its brilliant lustre and perfect round shape.

This Serene Tube Necklace radiates timeless sophistication, featuring a tube-shaped pendant encased in high-quality, durable material.

Within this lustrous pendant is the real treasure - an Akoya Pearl. Harvested from the pure seas of Japan, this unique pearl accentuates the necklace's overall calm and harmonious aesthetic.

Subtle yet noticeable, this necklace truly stands as a symbol of simple, understated elegance. Its sleek, contemporary design, paired with the traditional beauty of the Akoya pearl, creates a delightful balance between the modern and the classic.

Made in 18 karat Yellow or White gold.

Serene Tube Necklace

  • 2 weeks.

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